Issue 11


With this issue, we say fond farewell to our founding editor William Males. He has been a mentor to all of us at Frostwriting and I am proud to take up his mantle.

In his spirit, we continue to look for quality in small packages.  Send us your best short prose and poetry pieces, and we will treat them with care!

We’ll continue to have two issues for now, one in October and one in April, adding submissions as they come in. If you missed…

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by David Mohan

A graveyard would be incomplete without them. Their roots must seek out the phloem of corpses, the chalky grit of headstones chips leavening the clay.

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by Kevin McCarthy

I phoned Woojin’s parents at 6:00 a.m. Seoul time to tell them their son had drowned. For over a minute the line was silent. Just as I began to hope…

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