at the museum

by Abigail Welhouse

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a little girl is with her father, wandering through the gallery
she says “oh how beautiful”
he says “don’t touch don’t touch”
she presses her nose so close to the glass that she leaves breath marks.

a little boy is with his mother, climbing onto a snow bank
he says “I’m an explorer”
she says “be careful be careful”
as he scales the mountain of gray slush, his high-top sneakers light up.


Abigail Welhouse is an MFA candidate at the City College of New York, focusing on poetry and translation. Her writing has most recently appeared or is forthcoming in the Heavy Feather Review, Keep This Bag Away from Children, Big City Lit, and the Rumpus. Her poem “at the museum” was published in Frostwriting in 2009.

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