Five Poems

by Sierra Petty

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Talk to Me, Man

Only this atheist
throws her head back
and prays to no one.



The Sun Rains Too

I held the sun
while it rained

And there came
the second sweetest thing
that ever did stain
this dress



A Drag

You drag me down
by the tongue
Into a salty sea
of love and rum


Black Birds

nesting in my bed,
Tiresome little thoughts
resting in my head

Cuddle up with me,

we’ll watch some Hitchcock



Me Too, Mr. Hill

Fred Hill told his wife
“I want life, I tell ya. Life!”

I fell to my somber knees
and cried “Me too.”

Sierra Petty is a an unpublished writer and student in a small, unheard of town in Kentucky.

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