Swedish Microverse

by Iréne Carlsson

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The storm has calmed
the lights continue
to flutter

Stormen har lagt sig
ljusen fortsätter
att fladdra

Every half hour
in the silent night
the neighbour’s cuckoo clock

Hel och halvtimme
i den tysta natten
grannens gökur

A country road
beneath a starry sky
a radio tower twinkles

Landsväg om natten
under stjärnklar himmel
blinkar en telemast

Have to hug you
he cries - bends down
to hug my dog

Måste få krama dig
ropar han - böjer sig ned
och kramar min hund

All four poems are reprinted from the anthology Snowdrops avaiable at .

Iréne Carlsson is a member of The Swedish Haiku Society . Her poems have appeared on the society’s website Haikuverkstaden, in the society’s bilingual anthology Snödroppar/Snowdrops, as well as in the society’s journal Tidskriften Haiku. Iréne’s work can also be found at Fri Haiku. After several years abroad she now lives in the Stockholm area and in a country house in southern Sweden.

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