Korean Microverse

by K'ong Mi-Seong (콩미성)

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beneath the bike are:
the moving tires and the past
week’s cherry blossoms
자전가 밑에 / 음직이는타이어 / 지난주벚꽃

K’ong Mi-seong is a Norweigan-American who developed a taste for Haiku in his late teens. Against popular mindset he has “forgotten” the rule that English haiku should not be 5-7-5 for over a decade.  He took a break from law school to see the pine islets of Matsushima several years ago and more recently decided to relocate to Korea, where he is currently learning sijo, Korean, and Chinese characters.  His work, spoken and printed, has been featured in journals and venues in Southern California and Arizona. 

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