Law (Geography Returns)

by Carand Burnet

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The afternoon sun exhausts the leftover water
sits in unmoving puddles, putting off itself
Down streets nurses cling to their thin white shawls
Overhead wrens shift and flick their shapes
nicking distances
Now the wind is fervent perturbed by the many
Quite far
and where I walk and what it was
Where is the sun? pitched
in some child’s palm or thrown out
A maid stares through pale highlighted glass
Leaves pick up like waves and wind
shifts them higher leaving me under the
false water surface
Geography Returns.
For years I have waited to see
an object backlit by the sun

Carand Burnet poems have appeared in ken*again , Omphalos , and others. Currently, Carand is a correspondent for Art New England and resides in western Massachusetts.

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