by Nanette Rayman Rivera

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In the presence of stalking men I made diminuendo,
Grinding teeth in rain, and it came—
a wind swarm from New Jersey with its capricious cache.
Bent willows near the East River
butterfly runners ducking for cover.
I wonder why there’s no truck stop
between life and suicide, a beach
with anemometer to lounge and gauge
when it’s time to live or strip
like a jute before crossing over. 
What fear ventures: limbo and lupine,
a lyric supine decision.

Nanette Rayman Rivera, two-time Pushcart nominee is the author of the new poetry collection, shana linda ~ pretty pretty, published by Scattered Light Publications and available at . She is the first winner of the Glass Woman Prize for memoir Her first poetry collection,  Project:Butterflies is available from Foothills Publishing

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