She Arranges Her Day

by Kevin Casey

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And first, she’ll tease and comb apart her dreams
from memories, with these all falling
to the floor beneath the dresser’s somber bulk.

And then, along the sharp, white crease
of hours unfolding, she sorts and orders
moments, days, and weighs, divides the sense

and force of words that press, contend, and linger
by the door, become confused with
the coffee maker’s rattling, bronchial sigh.

Finally, the dawn again—the sky on fire,
and Gothic spires of morning rise, her blinking
as she locks the door, and steps into the daylight.

Kevin Casey received his graduate degree at the University of Connecticut.  His work has been accepted by Milo Review, Futures Trading, Tule Review, and others.  He teaches literature at a small university in Maine.

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