Rain Run

by Carolyn Scarbrough

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I’m running and rain is pouring.
My shoes squish squish and ahead
my dog Bob turns to see if I’m coming
and heads on. I like being surrounded
by this indifferent rain, like even my own carrying on
in this forest.  I’ve been waiting
for love to settle back over me
the way the noisy flock of crows
settle unexpectantly into the trees and grow silent, the way
pouring rain becomes its own room. If only
I could outrun this hard edge of love, enter the
other side as I’ll enter the warm house and my
children’s voices will pepper me with
mom this and mom that   like finches
flitting to the feeder again and again.

Carolyn Scarbrough has published in Gulf Coast, Poet Lore, Sundog, Tar River Poetry, Conduit, Connecticut River Review, High Desert Journal,   Minnesota Review, and The Southeast Review. She has an MFA from the Bennington College Writing Seminars, works as a pediatric ICU nurse, and is the mom to five kids, two dogs and the cat. Basically, she says, she writes despite all the reasons to not write, much like a willful child!

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