Contributions by Janice D. Soderling

Catherine Chandler

For this interview, I re-read your “Lines of Flight” (Able Muse Press) and found tears rolling down my cheeks for the sheer beauty of thought and craftsmanship. I admire your ability to create memorable poems—lines that rise in my mind unexpectedly. “Drought,” “Lost and Found,” “Eleven” seem to me to…

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Michael Cantor

Michael, in the foreword of your most recent collection Life in the Second Circle (Able Muse Press), Deborah Warren who, like you, is a top-flight formalist poet, has written:

Michael Cantor uses words to paint and sculpt the world—which I don’t say as an afterthought, since verbal wit is Cantor’s…

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Blackbird at Dusk

bright beak
full-throated song
purling pouring and we
stopped mid-sentence, one and all, to

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Home for the Aged

Sharp as a trumpet blast,
the April sun
jump-starts the wintry men
to bleary, twitchy motion.
Awkwardly they follow
their sallow, long-nailed fingers
out into the open air,
walk meticulously around the block
as if rehearsing a newly-written play,

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Calm yourself, my child, it is gone.
What you see are the remains: the woodland, the smoke, the retreating flames.
Somewhere, perhaps, in a far-away country
the sky is bluer and roses cling to a stone wall,
perhaps there are palm trees and a milder wind—Read more

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