Colin Lewis

Nuts & Bolts

Colin Lewis is a writer and designer. He currently works at Hither & Yon, Inc., found on top of the world and under someone’s spell. He pops in and rolls out under his own steam. He cheers on those who hang on; he fills in when they drift off. He keeps whatever’s underway under lock and key. He tips his hat and pulls rabbits from it when it drops. He changes his tune, chips off the old block and makes a clean sweep. He coins phrases as pennies drop. He turns on dimes and over new leaves. He walks a razor’s edge, cuts to the chase and slices life. He tilts windmills, bites off more than he can chew and shows old dogs new tricks. He’s a drop in the ocean and he comes down in buckets. He carries a torch, burns holes in his pockets and travels light when he lights out for the Territory. He juggles manuscripts. He cuts his own hair. He still believes he has time to get things right.

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